How to watch videos on

Are you not seeing our video?

Are you getting 'error' messages?

Are you running a Windows computer or an older Macintosh?

If you said 'yes' to all this, then you probably don't have the right (free) piece of software required for your computer to play the Video. Let me explain...

Video on our website runs on system named "Quicktime". Without the (free) Quicktime Player software you will get only error messages.

Getting your free Quicktime player means going over to Apple Computer's web site, registering with your name and e-mail and telling them the type of computer you are using. This orders the version of "Quicktime" that matches your computer. You simply save the downloaded file onto your computer (write down where you saved it to) install it and enjoy!

But...the software you've just downloaded is compressed to make it smaller and faster to download and store. So before you can install the "Quicktime" onto your computer you need another piece of software that will de-compress your file..there are various programs, "WinZip" "Stuffit" and "UnZip" are the most common.

You must look through your computer files for a program called "WinZip" or "UnZip" or "Stuffit". I would try the "find" command and then type in "zip" and see what comes up. If you're lucky enough to find it (or you have other programs that do the same thing like like "Unstuffit") you should start the program, find and select the "open" command, and guide it over to the strange little piece of Software you just downloaded (remember, you wrote it down so you wouldn't forget?) It will have a strange numerical name with an odd suffix at the end like .hqx or .bin. This compressed file will then, like a butterfly coming out of it's cocoon, turn into the Quicktime software (with an installer to install it)

What happens if I don't have "WinZip" or "Stuffit"? --well then you have to take two steps backward, and go to a site like or where you can donwload "WinZip", install it on your that you can do the next step. If that program only comes compressed and you can't open it, you must get the program on a floppy disk from someone or a CD ROM. Don't you hate this complexity? I think it's a modern form of torture.

You can also choose to look at the bright side: you only have to do this once and you also might learn something about your computer (if you care). Personally, I wish you'd all gone and bought Macintosh computers which are much more intuitive and easy to figure out;

Good luck to you...

If you want to try to download Quicktime click here. Be patient and you will be rewarded amply.