Loving Spoonfuls Episode 1-26 Capsule descriptions

Show 1 - Barbara Hauer
Barbara Hauer claims to make  the best German Dumplings in the country.
David investigates her claim while they Polka in the kitchen.

Show 2 - Jean Lumb
Grandmother Jean Lumb and David make Stir-fry with Wonton while
discussing racism, Chinese food and sex.

Show 3 - Araxi Kashkarian
Sparks fly as Araxi Kashkarian and her daughter make savoury meat
pockets and work out their stormy relationship.

Show 4  - Loet Vos
Loet Vos searches for the taste of her childhood and teaches David how
to eat asparagus like a lady.

Show 5 - Bertha Skye
Cree grandmother Bertha Skye makes her gold medal winning "Three Sisters

Show 6  -Pearl Geneen
Grandmother Pearl Geneen makes  a gourmet epic- "Emperor Chicken" and
teaches David to tango.

Show 7 - Pat Brooks
Grandmother Pat Brooks and David sing, dance and prepare the national
dish of Jamaica- Ackee and Saltfish.

Show 8 - Edna Staebler
Edna Staebler, 94,  makes Backwoods Pie and reminisces about the old,
old days before electricity.

Show 9 - Ruth Zimmer
Winnipeg grandmother Ruth Zimmer  takes David to the Kosher butcher then
makes a classic Chicken soup with Matza balls

Show 10 -Malati Srinivasan
Indian grandmother Malati Srinivasan prepares spicy snacks and watches
David pose as the Hindu  God of Dance.

Show 11 - Patsy Conway
Irish grandmother Patsy Conway teaches David how to make a  "Heart
attack on-a-plate"

Show 12 - Susan Tsuji
Japanese grandmother Susan Tsuji makes "Age Sushi" and teaches David how
to host a Japanese TV show.

Show 13 - Fiora DiGiannantonio
"Mama Fiora" DiGiannantonio and David sing, dance and make her famous
"Eggplant Parmiagiana"

SHOW 14 : Juanita Berry 's Southern-Fried Rabbit
Juanita Berry, a "Grandma from Alabama" cooks up Sweet Potato Pie,
Southern Fried Rabbit and teaches David how to play 'ball and jacks'.

SHOW 15 Sylvia Evans' English Tea
English grandmother Sylvia Evans teaches David how make Trifle, Scones
and make a proper English Tea in the garden and invites friends who wear
lots of floppy hats.

SHOW 16 Rose and Mary's Mandelbroit Challenge
Jewish grandmother Mary Finson and her daughter,  cookbook author Rose
Reisman go head to head in a low-fat vs. high-fat  mother/daughter
cookie war!

SHOW 17: Charlotte de Neve's Indonesian Picnic
Indo-Dutch grandmother Charlotte de Neve makes Gado-Gado Salad and
tells stories of her Grandfather, the former Governor of Borneo

SHOW 18: Eva Ouzas' Spanakopita and Dolomades
Eva and Peter Ouzas have two kitchens and no waiting as she does the
"Pita"  and he does the Lamb.

SHOW 19: Nina Witkowski's Ushka and Sernik
They;'re also known as "Babies Ears " and Polish grandmother Nina
Witkowski makes some of the best!

SHOW 20: Anja Karpinia's Finnish Salmon Soup
Finnish Grandmother Anja Karpinia dares David to eat the eye of the
Salmon David dares Anja back. It's pretty funny.

SHOW 21 :Loza Stavroff's Macedonian Delights
Loza Stavroff makes two different flaky Banitsas,  and teaches David to
dance a Horo.

SHOW 22 : Rudolfa Hood's Johnnycakes and Codfish
Columbus called this island "the Great Jewel of the Caribbean",  Rudolfa
Hood cooks traditional island favorites from the island of Nevis.

SHOW 23 : Zorka Jovancevic's Cabbage Rolls and Coffee Cake
Zorka Jovancevic and David make cabbage rolls and Coffee Cake.

SHOW 24 : Hyun Joo Cho's Healing Foods
Hyun-Joo Cho practices spiritual  self healing through  her cooking.
Cold vegetarian salads and some warm apple wontons are for dinner.

SHOW 25: Regine Frankel's Vegetarian Meat Balls
Regine Frankel tells riveting tales of surviving World War 2 as a Jew in

SHOW 26: Heidi Kuhner's Swiss Fondue
Heidi Kuhner and David get along famously until "the Incident". David
finally convinces her to make her delicious Swiss Fondue. Also,