If you have a grandmother to suggest we want to hear! We are currently not shooting new episodes, but will keep the information on file for a future time.
What country/city is she originally from?
Where does she currently live? (Canada only at this point)
How would you describe her/his personality?

How would you describe the kitchen?

What sorts of interesting dishes could she prepare on camera?

(think visually, perhaps hand-made foods)

Does she have a favorite store? Where is it ? Any interesting characters work there?
Is there a granddaughter or grandson who would like to appear on the show with her?
Why do you think she would make a good candidate for an episode of Loving Spoonfuls?
What is your name? (if diffferent from Grandma)
If necessary, how may we contact you? (e-mail/phone/fax/mail)
If necessary, how would we contact this wonderful lady?