Loving Spoonfuls Season 3

Episode descriptions and premiere dates announced to date

Episode #27
Evelyn Koop's Olympian Feast
Estonian grandmother and former Olympic judge Evelyn Koop teaches David how to roll "Rouladen" and organize an international competition at the same time.

Episode #28
Crazy Luzia's Portuguese Party
Luzia Nunes left her home in the Azores to teach David how to cook authentic Portuguese-style fish stew and reveals why she's called "Crazy Luzia".

Episode #29
Andrea Vincent's Hungarian Rhapsody
Hungarian grandmother Andrea Vincent tells heart-wrenching tales of life and love while making Sour Cherry Soup and a Wine Cream.

Episode #30
Carry on Winnie
Cockney English grandmother Winnie Field shot down German bombers during World War II and makes a mean Steak and Kidney Pie in this hilarious episode.

Episode #31
Maria Angelica Enriquez's Seafood Soup
Maria Angelica Enriquez tells chilling tales of political upheaval in Chile and throws
a spectacular South American dinner party.

Episode #32
Cathy Palumbo: The Spicy Sicilian
Cathy Palumbo is a spicy Sicilian who tells it like it is while making Veal Parmiagiana and mouth watering Italian bread.

Episode #33
Mahassin Bukhari's Diplomatic Delicacies
The wife of a former Sudanese diplomat, Mahassin Bukhari teaches us about international diplomacy, Islam and serves the finest coffee on earth.

Episode #34
Yvonne, JFK and the Rabbit
David meets the real JFK and finds out how many Belgians it takes to brown a rabbit.

Episode #35
Ya Ya Sophie's Moussaka
Sophie Tzoitis is a Greek grandmother who makes the definitive Moussaka and then turns the tables on David.

Episode #36
Aida Oducado
Aida Oducado prepares exotic Phillipino dishes and wins a ten dollar bet with David.

Episode #37
Francoise Bradette-Nimbley is a French-Canadian "grand-mere" who (along with her sisters) teaches David about Touritere and Poutine.

Episode #38
Jessie Salmon does the Jerk
Jessie is a Jamaican lady who makes Jerk Chicken and Christmas Cake. David also finds an island tonic to make him strong.

Episode #39
Anne Lytwyn's Ukrainian Feast
Anne Lytwyn is a classic Ukrainian "Baba" who sings, dances and teaches David to make "Meat on a Stick".

Episode #40
Jessica Bowness: The Sassy Singaporean
Jessica Bowness is an exotic cook from an exotic country who delights and surprises David.

Episode #41
Dorothy Betz. An Ojibway grandmother from Winnipeg who tells stories of a bittersweet childhood on a Residential School and makes Beef Stew and Bannock.

Episode #42
Elena Turroni
The 91-year old living legend from Welland Ontario makes gourmet Italian dishes, plays the accordion and her granddaughter teaches David the Tarantella

Episode #43
Elma Lobo
Elma Lobo is from Goa, the Potuguese influenced part of India. She's exotic and cultured, as is her food

Episode #44 h
Ma Paul's Banana la Creole
Louisa "Ma" Paul tells tales of Grenadan island life and then 'goes bananas' .

Episode #45
Mary Diocson
Mary is from the Phillipines. She cooks, she designs dresses and she is the past president of the "Friendly Filipinos". Come for the food, stay for the fashion show!

Episode #46
Gisele Wuensch's exotic food and dance
A German-Canadian grandmother and former Burlesque entertainer, Giesele teaches David about many many things!

Episode #47- August 19th
Kay Nargolwalla's Parsi Dinner
Kay Nargolwalla is a Parsi grandmother who enlightens David about this ancient culture and some of their traditional foods

Episode #48
Etty Cohen
Etty is an Egyptian/Jewish grandmother who makes savoury and sweet dishes to go with her fascinating history

Episode #49
"Oma Hilda's Schnitzel and Streudl"
Hilda is an Austrian "Oma" who makes delicious Schnitzel with Dill Sauce, Cucumber Salad and for dessert...Streudl!

Episode #50
"Annette Shatilla's Viva Kibbe!"
Annette is a Lebanese/Canadian who takes David into uncharted territory with a raw meat "Kibbe" and a taste of Arabic culture.

Episode #51
"Geofferey Pimblett: Queen for a Day"
Geoffery Pimblett is our first Grand-Uncle who shows that a man can do it all as well as any woman, and that includes looking good in a tiara and a dress! British grandmother Queen Elizabeth II makes a special appearance to make the salmon mousse

Episode #52
Ruthy Gale: The Mother of all Episodes
Meet host David Gale's mother (and father) and find out how it all happened.