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Hello to all our new viewers in Finland and Israel. It is so heart warming to know that we are sharing our grandmothers, their stories and their fantastic recipes with you too. Keep watching and tell your friends.

To our Canadian viewers, thank you all for the tremendous outpouring of emotion and concern at the removal of Loving Spooonfuls from the W Network’s schedule. It was a wonderfully joyous ride for us. We are trying hard to find another broadcaster in Canada but it is impossible at this point to say where or when Loving Spoonfuls will hopefully be on the air again soon in Canada.

Since shooting began on Loving Spoonfuls in 1999 I have cooked with an incredible collection of amazing omas, beautiful babas, naughtly nonas, youthful yayas and of course my own marvelous mother. I have visited atotal of 65 grandmothers in their homes and sang, danced, and (oh yes) kissed my way through three Specials.

Two years ago we launched a wonderfully diverse and delicious cookbook, The Loving Spoonfuls Cookbook. Through family photographs and witty writing the cookbook cleverly captures the flavour and humour of our show; sharing our grandmother’s rich histories as well as their mouthwatering reicpes and timetested tips. It’s still the best gift out there.

For my work on Loving Spoonfuls I have been nominated for a total 5 Geminis (Canadian Television Awards) and have won both a Gemini award and a Galaxi award (Canadian Cable Award). The show’s received rave reviews and a plethora of press across Canada and I personally gabbed with everyone talk show host from Vickie Gabareau to Mike Bullard. Despite all this I have to admit that the best press and awards contiunue to be from you. Everywhere I go I am approahced by excited viewers who are anxoius to explain how much they love Loving Spoonfuls. They tell me how they shared the show with their families and how much they all laughed and how much they miss it in Canada. They explain how it reminded them of their own grandmothers and the kitchens they grew up in. But mostly they tell me how wonderful the grandmothers were on our show and how honouring it was for Loving Spoonfuls to have featured a mostly forgotten generation of women. It’s always a pleasure to hear how our show has effected you the viewers.

Since shooting for Loving Spoonfuls ended Executive Producer Allan Novak and I have created and produced 13 episodes of a new show called Second Time Around, a dating show for grown ups. The show has humour and heart like Loving Spoonfuls but perhaps has a bit more spice and a dollop more of romance. It can still be seen in Canada during the daytime on the W Network. Please go to and have a look for yourselves at www.secondtimearound.ca.

I’ll close with this thought: if your grandmother is not with you anymore I hope you have enjoyed sharing ours with us but if you are lucky enough to be able to call or visit your grandmother - do it today! And please keep letting us know how you feel about our show.With much appreciation,

David Gale
host@lovingspoonfuls.com .