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Note: requires Netscape 2.0 or higher .

Pick a Nickname
When you arrive, enter the name you want to use in the blank at the top of the panel and click GO!.
Chat with Everyone
Now just type what you want to say and press return. Everyone looking at this page will also see what you say.
Tour the Web with Everyone...
If you type in a World Wide Web address (URL), not only will everyone see it, but they will also be ``teleported'' with you to that location. In other words, that page will be displayed in everyone's browser (in the bottom half of the window).

You are also free to opt out of any teleport jump, by clicking on the warning light when it starts flashing red. (The amount of time you have to decide against jumping can be set using Chat Touring's Settings menu.)

To offer your own tour destination, type in the URL of the page you want everyone to see. (Unfortunately, Netscape won't let you paste in URLs copied from elsewhere in Netscape, for "security" reasons.)

Almost every kind of URL Netscape understands will work in Chat Touring, including: http:, https:, gopher:, mailto:, and individual news: articles (but not entire news groups).

Or, Choose a Tour Guide
Instead of following everyone's links, you can select the nickname of just one person in the conversation, and follow only the links that person types in. This name might be arranged beforehand for an organized tour. To do this, go to Chat Touring's Settings menu, and enter the guide's nickname into the second blank.

Chat Touring is copyright © 1996 by Paul Burchard,

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